There are 3 levels for flute lesson :

  1. Beginner : Grade 0 – 2
  2. Intermediate : Grade 3 – 5
  3. Advanced : Grade 6 – 8

**Different fees will be charged based on different levels.


Q & A……

  • Is the grades for flute same with the piano? Yes. Western musical instrument exam’s grade are the same, and a flute player can take exam grade by grade just like pianist.
  • Which examination board offers flute practical exam? Just like piano, the famous music examination board such as ABRSM and Trinity offers flute practical exam. And there is a syllabus by the examination board which clearly listed down the repertoire you should play in the exam.
  • Not sure yourself is which level? Don’t worry, the teacher can judge based on the songs you currently played.
  • Is it ok if you don’t want to take exam? Yes, it’s totally fine that you don’t take exam, exam is just a way to prove that you are in certain level, you still can play well without exam.
  • What will you learn if you don’t want to take the exam? You’ll still learning step by step and you need to know all the knowledge and technique to play for that grade before you move to the higher grade. You’ll still need to learn the important repertoire just like the others did. The only difference is they will serious prepare for the exam but you are just learning for improvement.
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What will student learnt in class?

What will student learnt in class?

-Student will be able to know :

  • How to hold the flute correctly, the proper posture, the fingering for notes and how to breathe while playing the flute.
  • Correct embouchure formation.11429940_10204591864464590_23975584_n
  • The proper technique to assemble, clean and take care of their instrument.
  • How to read music score.
  • Musical knowledge from basic to advance level.
  • Improve their tone colour and intonation to play flute.
  • Different articulation and techniques.
  • Vibrato
  • Music theory
  • Musicianship skills
  • Musical characteristics
  • Music played in beginner level : simple classical, movie sound track (eg: castle in the sky, small world, beauty and the beast, spirited away, edelweiss, etc……)
  • Music played in intermediate level : famous classical repertoire (eg: Intermezzo de Carmen, Telemann Sonata, Sicilienne, Vivaldi Sonata etc……)
  • Music played in advance level : significant classical repertoire (eg: Mozart Concerto, Bach Sonata, Debussy Syrinx, Chopin Theme and Variation, etc……)


-Different material, exercises and songs are played in the lesson.


-Please understand that learning music is step by step and your progress is based on you effort.

***** If you are a beginner and considering to purchase a new flute, please contact the instructor for free advise, there are too many brands outside and we don’t want to buy something expensive but not useable.

What is the age to start flute lesson?

What is the age to start flute lesson?

-It’s great to start learning music at an early age, but parents must make sure students are both physically and academically ready to begin studying the flute.

-The most important factor when starting flute is deciding whether or not the student’s hands are large enough to facilitate playing its numerous keys.

– As a wind instrument, it is also important that the student has the developed lung capacity to play and the earliest lessons usually begin around age 7 or 8.

-Young student can use a curve head joint to reduce the overall length of the flute, while not affecting the overall sound quality or technique.



-Adult class available, it is never too late to learn music.
-Even 60 years old grandpa passionate about learning flute, what are you waiting for?

IMG_7729*adult student (60+ years old)

10997216_10203866414288789_2044112971_n*adult student (40+ years old)

IMG_7833  *teenage student (18 years old)

IMG_9327  *adult student (30+ years old)

IMG_7754-2 *boy (8 years old)

IMG_9204.PNG  *girl (7 years old)

IMG_5923*boy (11 years old)

11356044_10204591864864600_1599518879_n*teenage student (13 years old)


****Lessons are specially design for different age group.****

-Unlike the guitar or piano, playing the flute is less intuitive and therefore it is not an instrument that can easily be self-taught.

Classes Available

*Flute and theory classes for children and adults.

-Flute class in KL, Flute lesson in KL.

-Classical flute lesson for beginner, intermediate and advance students.

-Home to home classes in Klang Valley are available.

-Classes are all conducted individually.



-Student’s house. Click Area for more info.


-Different fees on 3 level : beginner, intermediate and advance.

-Beginner level : Beginner – Grade2

-Intermediate level : Grade 3-5

-Advance level : Grade 6-8 Learn more about levels

-No GST =D

-Each lesson is one hour


-Theory may include for beginners. There is not a problem for those who don’t know how to read score.

-For leisure and exam purpose.

-Prepare student for ABRSM or Trinity practical exam.


-Prepare student for ABRSM theory exam (as per request).