Flute teacher/instructor/tutor in Malaysia

About the tutor…

-Experienced in both performing & education field.

-Bachelor Degree (HONS) in music, majoring flute performance (National Academy of Arts, Cultural and Heritage). Accepted into Dean’s list for 5 semesters.

-Diploma in classical music (MIA), majoring flute.

-Licentiate (LTCL) Trinity Guildhall Diploma, Flute Recital.

-Flute Grade 8.

-Represented Malaysia for International Symposium Music and Socio-cultural Development of ASEAN, Bangkok Thailand 2016. As classical flute player.

-Played as principal flutist in KLPAC Symphonic Band.

-Played as principal flutist in SPWO for their chapter 1 concert.

-Played as principal flutist in ASWARA Orchestra.

-Played as principal flutist in Air Symphony Wind Orchestra.

-Guest tutor for ISKL Music Camp 2017.


Ms. Chew is a professional flutist based in KL area. She only teaches flute and focused on flute performing and teaching. Because she believes focusing on one thing and make that thing great is better than know everything but not doing great.

She is the private teacher of music university students such as Aswara and Segi College Music.


Call/whatsapp/email Miss Chew for lesson enquiries : +60162507682


Flute Class

*Flute and theory classes for children and adults.

-Flute class in KL, Flute lesson in KL.

-Classical flute lesson for beginner, intermediate and advance students.

-Home to home classes in Klang Valley are available.

-Classes are all conducted individually.


-Student’s house or teacher’s house. Click Area or contact teacher for more info.

-Different fees on 3 level : beginner, intermediate and advance.

-Beginner level : Beginner – Grade2

-Intermediate level : Grade 3-5

-Advance level : Grade 6-8 Learn more about levels

-Each lesson is 45mins or one hour depend on student’s level and teacher’s suggestion.


-Theory may include for beginners. There is not a problem for those who don’t know how to read score.

-For leisure and exam purpose.

-Prepare student for both ABRSM or Trinity practical exam.

-Prepare student for ABRSM theory exam (as per request).

-Experienced flute teacher/tutor in Kuala Lumpur. Actively involved in both performing arts and education.


Call/whatsapp/email Miss Chew for lesson enquiries : +60162507682

Student’s Achievements


2017 ABRSM Grade 2 : Merit



2017 Trinity Grade 5 : Distinction



2017 Trinity Grade 5 : Distinction


First PCM Music and Dance Competition, 2017


Results : 3 Silver Award, 1 Bronze Award.



2017 ABRSM Grade 2 : Distinction



2017 ABRSM Grade 3 : Merit



2017 ABRSM Grade 6 : Passed



2017 ABRSM Grade 2 : Passed



2016 Trinity Grade 5 : Distinction



2015 ABRSM Grade 2 : Distinction



Duet with student : Duet no.6 by Devienne

(Student’s level : Grade 6) Ps : His profession is actually doctor, I was so inspired by his passion to learn music. 

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想在马来西亚让您的孩子或您自己学西洋古典长笛吗?请拨打电话或微信 +60162507682 (周老师)以获取更多详情。








-学习长笛可以只为陶冶身心,也可以迈向更高的目标例如考级。若学生对考级有兴趣老师将根据学生的能力和学生一起准备考级。使用的考试机构是全球公认的英国皇家音乐学院(ABRSM)或伦敦圣三一学院(Trinity College London),出国也不怕文凭不被承认。

-试课班RM50 (30分钟)









Duet with student : Non piu Andrai from “Figaro” by Mozart

(Student’s level : Grade 5)

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