What will student learnt in class?

What will student learnt in class?

-Student will be able to know :

  • How to hold the flute correctly, the proper posture, the fingering for notes and how to breathe while playing the flute.
  • Correct embouchure formation.11429940_10204591864464590_23975584_n
  • The proper technique to assemble, clean and take care of their instrument.
  • How to read music score.
  • Musical knowledge from basic to advance level.
  • Improve their tone colour and intonation to play flute.
  • Different articulation and techniques.
  • Vibrato
  • Music theory
  • Musicianship skills
  • Musical characteristics
  • Music played in beginner level : simple classical, movie sound track (eg: castle in the sky, small world, beauty and the beast, spirited away, edelweiss, etc……)
  • Music played in intermediate level : famous classical repertoire (eg: Intermezzo de Carmen, Telemann Sonata, Sicilienne, Vivaldi Sonata etc……)
  • Music played in advance level : significant classical repertoire (eg: Mozart Concerto, Bach Sonata, Debussy Syrinx, Chopin Theme and Variation, etc……)


-Different material, exercises and songs are played in the lesson.


-Please understand that learning music is step by step and your progress is based on you effort.

***** If you are a beginner and considering to purchase a new flute, please contact the instructor for free advise, there are too many brands outside and we don’t want to buy something expensive but not useable.


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